We are committed to helping our customers produce accurate files, cost effectively at any production level. We accept most types of prepress files; from page layout to PDF. Ask your sales rep for details.



PDF's must be named to reflect the pages it contains. The page number in that file name should be first, following by an underscore, followed by descriptive text.


Example: Page 12 of a product catalog - "012_2013 product cat.pdf"

Example: Page 56 of a magazine - "056_CFM_v1i20.pdf"

Covers should be name using C1, C2, C3, C4. To keep the order correct for InSite viewing it's best to add leading zeros to C1 and C2. (000C1.pdf, 000C2.pdf). Do not add the zeros to C3 and C4.


General Guidelines
PDF Creation

InSite Login

Level 0 Workflow Guide

FTP Information


Bleed Skive Setup for Perfect Bound Projects

Cross-over Adjustment for Perfect Bound Projects

Hinge Score Adjustment for Perfect Bound Covers

InDesign Calendar Setup Instructions


Color Profiles and G7 Information.

Times Printing uses the G7 method for calibrating our color proofers and presses.

Prepress Equipment

Kodak Prinergy
Kodak InSite - online job submission and proofing
Kodak Matchprint Virtual SWOP certified monitor proofing
Kodak PressProof - on press virtual proofing
FTP server
Agfa Avalon N16 Fully Automated plate line
Epson 4900 proofers with GMG ColorProof


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