Times Printing's Commitment to Quality and Excellence

Some of the numerous awards presented to Times Printing.

Quality Assurance

Quality at Times Printing is measured by customer satisfaction. Quality is the commitment and responsibility of each and every employee. We believe that the products we produce are a reflection of our clients, and as partners, we share a very important responsibility.



Two Quality Assurance Inspectors per shift hourly will monitor and sample products running on each press, stitcher and perfect binder. In addition, operator time stamps are done approximately every 15 minutes.

Deviations from the approved Color Okay (press) or defects (press or bindery) that are detected by the Quality Assurance Inspectors are brought to the immediate attention of the first pressman, stitcher or binder operator and their respective shift supervisor.

Quality Assurance Inspectors will also be present when client samples are being produced within the pressroom or bindery to provide our foremen, press and/or bindery crews with yet another pair of eyes during this very important process.

Quality Assurance also has six inspectors dedicated to inspecting client samples prior to shipment to our clients or our clients' customers.

Quality programs at Times Printing emphasize planning first and monitoring second. The Quality Assurance Department reports directly to the President.

Quality provides guidance in defining client expectations and implementing appropriate measures to meet and exceed requirements. Most importantly, quality is a contagious process of evaluation and improvement.


Human Resources / Training

People are key to a quality environment. Training is of utmost importance and the "team" concept is utilized in all improvement efforts. Quality Assurance inspectors come from many different departments, which gives us a broader view of all operations.



We begin by defining client requirements and analyze each job to identify necessary provisions throughout the process. We hold Preproduction Meetings on any new job or repetitive job that may contain unusual or unique requirements. These Preproduction Meetings serve to set the stage by focusing our supervision on the upcoming job's requirements and client expectation. The results of our Preproduction Meetings are published and distributed to all employees. Additionally, impromptu meetings to discuss job specifics are commonplace throughout the week.