Times Printing's Greatest Asset Is Its Employees

Times Printing is driven by our commitment to quality and our overall COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE in developing a partnership which is beneficial to us both. Working directly with our clients and their suppliers to improve the quality of their product is a philosophy and attribute we possess and embrace company wide. From prepress to distribution, we have a wealth of talented and knowledgeable people ready to assist our clients in achieving their quality, service and production expectations by utilizing the latest technology available and by sharing the expertise we possess.


Times Printing offers you an extremely dedicated, experienced and stable work force whose primary goal is to meet or exceed our client's quality, service and delivery expectations. As a result of our location in Random Lake, Wisconsin, we are ideally situated for efficient and cost-effective mail and newsstand distribution. Our proven ability to process our clients' shipping and mail requirements efficiently, effectively and on time is certainly one of Times Printing's many strong points.


Customer Service, the cornerstone to a Successful Relationship

One of Times Printing's many strengths is its outstanding Customer Service Department. We look upon our customer service personnel as the "quarterbacks" within our company who control all aspects of a job. Equally important, they act as our clients' eyes and ears while administrating the contract between us. If you were to ask any of our clients to comment on the level of service they receive at Times Printing from their Customer Service Representative and their level of expertise, the comments would be extremely favorable with the words "professional", "knowledgeable", "caring" and "committed" being interjected in their assessment.


Unlike some of our mega-size competitors, our clients have the ability to pick up their phone and call our owner or any of our company's senior management day or night to discuss whatever may be on their mind. This accessibility is part of our core customer philosophy of making each of our clients, regardless of size, know they are equally important to us. Your business will never be taken for granted nor will you be treated indifferently. You will, however, always be treated as what you are – a valued client who is extremely important to our success.


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